Friday, October 14, 2011

The Beardies Return to the Moorhead KofC Club on Saturday, October 22nd!

Did you see the Beardies perform on St. Patrick's Day at the Moorhead KofC Club?  They're back!

An all ages, family friendly show called "Beardiefest" booked on Saturday, October 22nd from 8pm-10pm at the Moorhead Knights of Columbus. Expect Irish folk music, banjos, beer, dancing, and fun for everyone. We hope you can make it!

The Beardies Bio: "Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Add some facial hair and a love for Catholic culture. What have you got? A revolutionary movement in the music world whose goal is to restore the original prowess of Catholicism in youth and modern society. You’ve got one quarter of The Beardies: four average guys with average talent playing better than average songs. Songs that come from the heart and speak to the heart. Sit back, relax, and…wait. Scratch that. Get up, clap your hands, and raise a glass (or three) to the Holy Trinity, the triumph of Truth, and the beardliness of beards."

"Bearding brings people together." So tell your friends!

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