Sunday, March 27, 2011

Out of the Darkness…. Into the Light Healing after Abortion - Thursday, March 31st @ 7pm

Out of the Darkness….
Into the Light
Healing after Abortion
A post-abortive panel shares their journey of hurt, pain, and grief
to healing and hope
Who We Are:
We are a diverse group of women who would never have likely connected with one another….except for something we all share.  Each one of us has walked through the doors of an abortion facility at some point and ended the life of our unborn child.
The act of abortion that we thought was going to solve a ‘problem’ or save a relationship or preserve a career, started us down a long path of self-destructive behavior, emotional distress and spiritual confusion.  While each of us has our own story, we chose to weave our stories together to share with others a side of abortion that is rarely heard in public. 
Our Desire:
Our desire is to share the truth in love in hopes that those who hear will be better equipped to reach out to others who are struggling with a current choice or a past decision concerning the issue of life.  We don’t want to condemn anyone, criminalize anyone, or even debate anyone.  We merely want to share our stories and personal encounters with loss and redemption.
Why You Should Hear the Panel:
With an estimated 50 million abortions performed each year on a world wide scale we must indeed conclude that abortion has touched virtually every segment of our society. You may not have personally had an abortion but chances are you know someone who has been involved in an abortion.  The numbers are exceedingly great and for many the secret of abortion is kept for many years.  This may be your spouse, your child, your grandchildren, your sibling, your friend or neighbor, your roommate or the person sitting next to you in church.  The panel speaks publicly to share the message of hope to those hurting from abortion as well as to educate and mobilize the church and the public concerning the negative effects of abortion on individuals and society.  We have chosen not to be silent anymore believing that once the church becomes informed, healed and mobilized that abortion will be over. It is our hope that you will join us in this endeavor.

When:  March 31 7:00-9:00pm
Where: Concordia College Jones Hall Room 212

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